Whether you're trying to captivate customers, bolster brand awareness or perk up a presentation, nothing works like video. Effective multimedia presentations begin with one primary element: video. Video combines the words, moving images, music, and effects that bring your presentation to life. Let us help you produce effective motion presentations for all your marketing and promotional needs.

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Drobo Demonstration

This video highlights the amazing storage device, Drobo. Video was developed in partnership with Geek TV.

Water Privatization

A general overview of the complex issues surrounding water privatization. This short documentary was designed to raise public awareness and motivate viewers to learn more about the subject.

CRC Public Service Announcement

This PSA was designed to highlight CRC's conflict resolution services. It is an elegant example of how public service announcements can create a provocative and compelling promotional advertisement.

Drobo Broadcast Ad

Broadcast ad for the Drobo storage device.

Gizo Promotional Video

The promotional video was designed to promote Gizo energy drinks. It was produced for online viewing and re-positioned for trade show usage.

Odwalla Story Video

This video highlights how the company came to be and the origins of its unique name. The piece was developed for HDTV (16:9 Ratio).

DTW Kava, Forza & Luna

Product promotion video that highlights product artwork and packaging.

Belvedere Winery

Commercial video produced for Belvedere Winery. Was aired on PBS/KQED to promote Belvedere wines and vineyard.

Media Tile Ad

Commercial video produced for Media Tile to promote their company's new media services.

IBM Cloud Web Ad

This animation was created in Flash to promote IBM's cloud service robust cloud services.

Night Light Art and Peace Event

The Night Light peace and art event created by Kirby Scudder and the Santa Cruz community. The piece highlights the power of art to inspire community involvement in promoting peace.

Art Film

Extensive use of effects and compositing highlight this unique art film, which reflects on the self and its struggle for love, survival, and the search for higher meaning. The film also has an original soundtrack developed exclusively for the piece.

Experimental Film

The title of the this short film is "The Synthetic Wonderland Project". Created from found footage from the Prelinger Archive. The piece examines the effects of technology and the mechanization of the world. A complex and original score drives this stunning visual art film.

Fresh Samantha Flash Presentation

This interactive Flash presentation was developed for Fresh Samantha to introduce a new Smacking Cider beverage.

Coming Attraction – Ron Milhon

Raw footage of the coming documentary on the artist Ron Milhon. A wonderful conversation with the artist who talks about art, life, and his experiences as an artist in an ever changing world.